SOPA - Self Organizing Processing and Streaming Architecture

SOPA v0.9

What is SOPA?

SOPA is the architecture of a multimedia component framework. It envisiones a general processing and streaming architecture featuring autonomous assembly of stream processing components. The goal is to provide an easy to use framework where dynamically organized processing graphs are build out of components from various distributed sources. Based on state-of-the-art solutions for component based software development the system simplifies the implementation and the configuration of multimedia streaming applications and associated tools. It supports stream synchronization transparently while extending components are installed on the fly according to the existing requirements that may change at any time. SOPA is an essential part of the lecture recording system E-Chalk.
SOPA architecture

For whom is SOPA?

SOPA is aimed at developers of multimedia technology that includes the streamed processing of timed multimedia data. SOPA abbreviates the path between the assembly of prototype components and their glueing for the final release. When you have working components, you are ready to release as SOPA will handle the assembly.

What is the Difference between SOPA and ...?

The main difference between SOPA and the above mentioned frameworks is that SOPA is an abstract general framework that is to build by conceptual demands and not by technological push. Technology is later filled in by implementors that want to create concrete applications.

What Technologies does SOPA rely on?

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Examples that use SOPA:

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Last modified: October 2006