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Edit Lectures

Screenshot of Exymnen

It is not mandatory to postprocess E-Chalk lectures. Sometimes, however, it is nice to be able to do so. For editing E-Chalk lectures we developed the program Exymen which is part of the download package. Exymen enables you to edit audio, video, and board content. Additionally, you can enhance E-Chalk lectures with external material. Here is an uncomplete feature list:

  • Cut out (spatially and timely) pieces of lectures and paste them into other lectures,
  • separate audio, video, and board (eg. to dubb lectures for a different audience),
  • apply filters on a lecture (eg. adjust the volume),
  • add slides (as PPT) or other external material (such as MP3).

Exymen is a generic, format and platform independent media editor, that is not only able to edit E-Chalk lectures. Exymen is released under the terms and conditions of the GNU Lesser Public License. The project has its own homepage where you can obtain further information and the software itself.

Last modification: Mon, 2010-08-09