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What is E-Chalk?

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The electronic chalkboard combines all the advantages of a traditional chalkboard with the functionality of a modern distance education tool. The lecturer writes on the electronic board, seamlessly integrating pictures and interactive programs from the web. Both can be loaded directly from the harddisk or the Internet. E-Chalk also includes algebraic formula manipulation, together with function plotting via handwriting recognition. The lecture can be followed at the lecture room or remotely through the web. Only a browser is needed to receive the audio, video, and the board image. All lectures are stored on a server for viewing on demand. E-Chalk also generates a printable version of the board (PDF) so that students do not have to copy the board content any more.

Advantages of the system

The chalkboard has proven to be a superior teaching tool over the years. Its contrast is good, even in large lecture rooms. The lecturer has to think aloud while writing on the board. So the students have enough time to understand an idea or formula, ask questions and reflect on the contents of the lecture. Using slides, the lecturer tends to proceed too fast and overwhelms the students. E-chalk is therefore just a chalkboard, but a state of the art one, that combines the traditional advantages of chalk with the interactivity of distance eduation software.

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